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Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP)

Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Programs (FEDVIP)

Dental and Vision Plans are provided for employees, retirees, and dependents based on the Federal Employee Dental and Vision Benefits Enhancement Act of 2004. Each plan includes the option for a Standard or High coverage option as well as various enrollment options of self only, self plus one, and self & family. The available rates and plans vary based on location.

All employees, retirees, and dependents except TCC Enrollees, temporary employees with appointments NTE 1 year, seasonal employees working less than 6 months in a calendar year, and annuitants with a deferred annuity are eligible for dental and/or vision coverage. Enrollment in FEDVIP is not mandatory. 

Enrollment Information

When can you enroll?

  • Enroll up to 60 days after new appointment
  • Enroll 60 days after a Qualifying Life Event (QLE)
    • Qualifying Life Events under FEDVIP are more limited in scope than FEHB
  • Enrollment continues every year automatically
  • Enroll 60 days after a break in service of at least 31 days
  • During open season period

All FEDVIP enrollments are subject to Premium Conversion. Premium Conversion may not be waived under FEDVIP. Annuitants, however, are not subject to Premium Conversion.

How can you enroll?

FEDVIP is handled through BENEFEDS
Enroll or change enrollment through or phone at 1-877-888-3337


5 CFR 894: Federal Dental and Vision Benefits  
OPM BAL 06-203: BENEFEDS Portal  
OPM BAL 06-602: FEDVIP Program Overview and Agency Responsibilities  
Public Law 108-496: Federal Employee Dental and Vision Enhancement Act of 2004  
BENEFEDS: Types of Qualifying Life Events (QLE)  
OPM’s Dental Insurance Website  webpage
OPM's Dental Rating Area Chart  webpage
OPM’s Vision Insurance Website  webpage

BENEFEDS Contact Information

Phone: 1-877-888-3337

TTY Phone: 1-977-889-5680