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Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)
Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)

FEGLI is Group Term Life Insurance coverage that builds no cash or loan value. New employees are automatically covered under the FEGLI program. New Employees receive Basic Insurance; however, within 31 days of appointment, new employees may elect optional coverage. Election of optional coverage or waiver of basic coverage may be made through EBIS electronically or via the SF-2817 form.

Employees who are on a temporary appointment NTE 1 year and employees who work an intermittent schedule are ineligible for coverage under FEGLI. 

Basic Insurance Amount (BIA):

This is the basic coverage that is received by all eligible employees unless it is waived. The BIA is calculated based on the employee’s Annual Basic Pay. The Basic Pay is rounded to the next $1,000, and an additional $2,000 is added. For example, if you do not elect optional coverage or waive your basic coverage, and you are employed as a GS-11 Step 1 in the Washington, DC locality, the BIA will be as follows:

Basic Pay = $62,467
Round up to nearest thousand = $63,000
Add $2,000 = $65,000 = BIA

Optional Coverage:

Option A – $10,000 in addition to the BIA

Option B – Coverage up to 5 times employee’s salary

Option C – Family coverage; $5,000 for spouse and/or $2,500 for each dependent child with a selection of up to 5 multiples for the spouse and/or child

The cost of optional coverage varies. To determine costs prior to election, utilize the FEGLI calculator found here - FEGLI Calculator.

Open Season:
FEGLI Open Season occurs irregularly. Open seasons will be announced by OPM when they occur.

Qualifying Life Events (QLEs):
QLEs allow employees to elect coverage outside of open season up to 60 days after the event. QLEs for FEGLI include – Marriage, Divorce, Death of a Spouse, and the Birth or Adoption of a Child.

Cancellation/Decreasing Coverage:
At any time, employees may cancel or decrease coverage using SF 2817.

Non-Pay Status:
FEGLI coverage will continue for up to 12 months in a non-pay status. Neither the employee nor the employer will incur costs associated with the coverage during these 12 months.

Absence Based on Uniform Service:
FEGLI coverage will continue for up to 24 months. For the first 12 months, there will be no cost to either the employee or the employer. After the first 12 months, the employee will pay the full cost of FEGLI coverage.

Retirement and FEGLI:
In order for retirees to continue FEGLI coverage, they must have been enrolled in FEGLI at least 5 years immediately preceding retirement in order to retain coverage as an annuitant. Various options must be designated by the retiree on the SF-2818 form.

Assignment of Insurance:
Assignment of Insurance is the irrevocable transfer of ownership of the employee’s FEGLI coverage to another individual, corporation, or trustee. Employee will need to complete the RI 76-10 form in order to assign insurance to another party. Once the insurance has been assigned, the employee continues to pay premiums. Employees may wish to assign insurance in order to comply with court orders, name a former spouse as a beneficiary, pay off debts, or other reason.

Designation of Beneficiary:

Employees should fill out the SF-2823 form to designate beneficiaries. The total amount of designations must equal 100%. If this form is not on file, the order of precedence will be followed. Order of precedence is as follows:

  1. Assignee of Insurance
  2. Valid Court Order
  3. Designated Beneficiary
  4. Widow or widower
  5. Children (and/or descendants of deceased children)
  6. Parents
  7. Executor, administrator of state
  8. Next of kin (as determined by the local state authority)
OPM BAL 11-201: New FEGLI Regulations  
OPM SF-2817: Life Insurance Election - Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program  
OPM SF-2823: Designation of Beneficiary, Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program  
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