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Overseas Relocation, Benefits, and Entitlements

Employees stationed outside the United States may be eligible for certain overseas benefits and allowances. Allowances depend on the employee’s eligibility and duty station location.

This site is dedicated to providing information to employees assigned overseas and serviced by HQMC Human Resources and Organizational Management (HROM) regarding relocation, overseas allowances, extensions, etc. Once a selection has occurred, HROM will coordinate with management and the processing center to verify the employee’s eligibility for the position and overseas allowances and entitlements.  HROM will counsel the employee on all eligible allowances as well as proper procedures for processing each allowance.
Authorization and payment of overseas allowances and differentials is governed by the provisions of the Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR) and Department of Defense Instruction 1400.25, Volume 1250. Overseas Allowances and differentials (except post allowance) are not automatic salary supplements, nor are they entitlements. They are specifically intended to be recruitment incentives for U.S. citizen employees living in the United States to accept Federal employment in a foreign area. If a person is already living in a foreign area, the incentive is normally unnecessary. Under limited circumstances, an employee hired outside of the United States may become eligible for allowances. Selectees will be advised of their eligibility for allowances at the time an offer is made.

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Guidance on Foreign Area Employment - Overseas Tours Beyond 5 Years (MARADMIN 138-16)  
DON Interim Guidance - Foreign Area Employment and Overseas Tours  

HROM Overseas Specialist 


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