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Training & Workforce Development


The Organizational and Workforce Management Section (ARHM) is committed to providing quality training and development opportunities and assistance. ARHM assists employees and their supervisors in realizing their potential by strengthening and aligning their knowledge, skills, and competencies.

HROM Sponsored Training

Civilians and their supervisors have easy access to free on-site training classes sponsored by the Human Resources and Organizational Management Branch (HROM). Classes are conveniently held at the Pentagon and MCB Quantico, and include soft-skills training, pre-retirement workshops, supervisor training, and the Marine Corps Acculturation Program (MCAP). To discover more, visit the HROM-Sponsored Training webpage:

Additional Services and Resources

The civilian workforce development specialists in ARHM provide advice and guidance to individual civilians and supervisors, as well as organizational leaders. Services include providing information on civilian training regulations, policies, and requirements, identifying training and development needs, and building training and development plans to meet those needs within current and projected budgetary restraints.

Consult the Civilian Mandatory Training spreadsheet to view training requirements for civilians and supervisors of civilians. Mandatory training taken directly in the Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS) System and Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) is automatically recorded in Official Personnel Files (OPFs). Whenever possible, TWMS is the preferred system; training taken via NKO can take up to 30 days to record. Designated Command/Staff Agency Training Coordinators or First-line Supervisors of Civilians should use their TWMS Accounts to document mandatory training that is not taken in TWMS or NKO, as noted in the spreadsheet. First-line Supervisors can use the  Supervisor's TWMS Training Completions Guide after consulting with their organization's Training Coordinator regarding internal procedures. Designated Training Coordinators should contact ARHM for training management and TWMS assistance.

There are a variety of reading resources available to Civilian Marines, including free e-books and audiobooks, discounted hardcopy books, libraries, and more. View available Civilian Reading Resources. You may also be interested in the Commandant’s Professional Reading List.

Check out the Individual Development Plan (IDP) Guide for supervisors and employees to collaboratively develop an IDP. ARHM can assist employees and supervisors in identifying appropriate training and development activities based on the IDP goals and objectives.

ARHM also provides advice and guidance on the completion and submission of Standard Form 182 (SF-182), "Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training for Headquarters, Marine Corps" civilian employees.

ARHM also administers the Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program (MCCLDP) for Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Headquarters Battalion, and Marine Barracks Washington / Marine Corps Institute -- and coordinates local nominations for the Marine Corps’ Centrally Managed Civilian Leadership Courses.

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