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Advance Pay

An optional single, lump-sum advance payment of base pay for up to three months (6 pay periods) to employees proceeding to or arriving at a foreign duty post.  An employee may request an advance of pay three weeks before the estimated departure date or up to two months after arrival.  New Hire employees and/or employees not already serviced by DFAS can only request an advance of pay upon arrival at the duty station.

Advance pay is reimbursed to the Government through payroll deductions over a maximum of 26 pay periods.  Deductions will begin the first pay period after receipt of the advance or following arrival at the foreign post, whichever is later.  Partial or lump-sum repayments are also accepted.

    •  Submit completed SF-1190 to:  SMB HQMC HROM OVERSEAS

HROM Overseas Specialist