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Labor & Employee Relations
The official logo for the Human Resources and Organizational Management Branch (ARH).
What is Labor and Employee Relations (LER)?
Labor and Employee Relations (LER) assists in preventing and resolving problems that may affect the workplace.  In addition, Employee Relations recognizes employees for the service contributed and provides assistance with professional growth.  LER staff provide a full range of advisory services in Labor Relations and Employee Relations for all commands at Headquarters Marine Corps, MCB Quantico, and other locations (such as Indianapolis, IN and New Orleans, LA) – wherever our serviced population is located.
We provide advice and guidance to managers, supervisors, and civilian employees in the following areas, most of which are covered in our website:
Labor Relations
  • Labor Contract Interpretation and Administration
  • Grievances
  • Local Level Bargaining
Employee Relations
  • Awards
  • Discipline
  • Benefits
  • Work Schedules
  • Telework
  • Alternative Work Schedules
  • Performance Management
  • Injury Compensation
  • Drug Free Workplace
  • Leave Administration
  • Work Life Programs
  • Civilian Employee Assistance Program
The LER staff are located at the Pentagon, Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ), Indianapolis, IN, and New Orleans, LA. Our staff is divided into two (2) teams (Pentagon Team & Quantico Team).
The LER Office presents trainings in support of our ongoing effort to bring relevant and reliable information to our customers at the Pentagon or aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico. We provide a Certificate of  Completion for attendance in our training sessions, however, we do not provide continuing education (CE) hours or other types of credit hours. The LER Section presents various training throughout the calendar year and utilize Microsoft TEAMS for our virtual sessions.  Exact training dates and times will be provided to Command HR Liaisons and Training Coordinators via email approximately 2 weeks in advance.
On-Demand Virtual Trainings via milBook
Our live training sessions are recorded and made available on milBook.  This platform is a part of milSuite, which provides a collection of social business tools for Department of Defense (DoD) personnel.  Users access the milBook site with a Common Access Card (CAC) to watch recorded training videos on their government laptop anytime and anywhere, meaning users can take control of their own learning at a time and place that suits them.  Please, click the icon below to visit our milBook page and take advantage of these training opportunities:

Download the Labor and Employee Relations Contact Card HERE.

Labor & Employee Relations (LER) Contacts
Christine Melendez, Labor & Employee Relations Manager 
Phone: (703) 784-0561, Cell (703) 772-4881  
Pentagon Team (NORTH)
3000 Marine Corps, Pentagon, Room 2C253, Washington, DC 20350 - 3000
Contact Commands/Programs
Harvey Walden (Supervisor)
(571) 256 - 9538
Gladys Noguera
(240) 296 - 0800
*Performance Management & Awards (see below for contact methods)
*FMLA and VLTP Applications / Leave Programs and Entitlements (see below for contact methods)
*DCPDS Actions (see below for contact methods)
*Telework Coordinator (AR Division)
Erica Delgado
(703) 772-4876
Tara Rosario
(571) 256 - 9534
*TECOM (includes EWTGLANT) Primary
Harvey Walden (Supervisor)
(571) 256 - 9538
*DC&I (formerly C4)
*TECOM (includes EWTGLANT) Secondary
Harvey Walden (Supervisor)
(571) 256 - 9538
*8TH & I
*COMMSTRAT (formerly Public Affairs-PA)
Erica Delgado
(703) 772-4876
*Injury Compensation Program Administrator  (ICPA) / Workers' Compensation 
*Unemployment Compensation Claims 
Vacant (Specialist) *MCAF/HMX-1 - Angela Blick (Acting)
*MCRC - Robert Dotson (Acting)
*MCCDC - Christine Melendez (Acting)
*CD&I/MCWL - Christine Melendez (Acting)
Angela Blick
(703) 784 - 3337
*MCB QUANTICO (G1, G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, GF [Facilities])
Robert Dotson
(703) 859 - 5364
*MCB QUANTICO (MCCS, RCO, SecBn, CommStrat, Safety, CCS)
Contact Commands/Programs
Vacant (Supervisor) *AR DIV
*LER Training Program Manager
Brandi Williams
(317) 200 - 3376
*TSO (Under P&R)
Vacant (Specialist) *MARFORRES - Brandi Williams (Acting)
Anita Christful
(336) 269-5709
Vacant (Specialist) *PP&O - Brandi Williams and Anita Christful (Acting)
*MCOTEA - Brandi Williams and Anita Christful (Acting)
*JIFCO (formerly JNLWD) - Brandi Williams and Anita Christful (Acting)
*MCIOC - Brandi Williams and Anita Christful (Acting)

HQs MARCORSYSCOM, Building 2200, 2nd Deck

Contact Commands/Programs
C. LouElla Alcaraz (Supervisor)
(571) 732 - 7835 (Cell)
(703) 432 - 4237 (Office)
Vacant (Specialist) MARCORSYSCOM
Vacant (Specialist) MARCORSYSCOM
LER Programs
Program Method of Contact
Performance Management

Civilian Awards
DCPDS actions
Groupbox titled: NV_A_K4_ARDMC_LER
Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP)
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) / Paid Parental Leave (PPL) 
Leave Administration (Entitlements)
Military Leave / Military Buy Back
Disabled Veteran's Leave 
Benefits / Retirement Department of Navy Civilian Benefits Center
Injury Compensation Program Administrator (ICPA)
Office of Workers' Compensation    Program (OWCP)

Erica Delgado,

Marcy Martinez, 

Unemployment Compensation Claims

Erica Delgado,

Marcy Martinez, 

Telework Coordinator (AR Division) Gladys Noguera,
Drug-Free Workplace and Technical Programs Coordinator Sam Butler,
Human Resources and Organizational Management




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