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FTA Miscellaneous Expense

An allowance to help defray an employee’s extraordinary but necessary and reasonable costs when he/she transfers to a post in a foreign area.  The Miscellaneous Expense Portion is to help cover “miscellaneous” expenses incident to a foreign assignment such as pet transportation; vehicle registration; driver’s license; utility fees or deposits not offset by an eventual refund; and conversion of appliances.
 (1) The flat amount for an employee without family is the lesser of either one-week’s salary or $650.

 (2) For an employee with family it is the lesser of two weeks’ salary or $1,300.

 (3) A higher rate is available by providing itemized receipts up to 1 week’s salary (without family) or 2 weeks’ salary (with family) not to exceed the salary of a GS-13, step 10.
 (4) For a new Government employee the claim is submitted on SF-1190 to HROM, with an attached copy of travel orders and receipts (if itemizing). Claims for current government employees must be submitted via the Travel-Voucher 1351-2 and submitted (along with receipts, if itemizing) to DFAS, as per instruction on travel orders, block 27.
• Submit the below completed documents to:  SMB HQMC HROM OVERSEAS

  • SF-1190
  • FTA (DSSR 240) 

HROM Overseas Specialist