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Supervisor's Onboarding Guide

Onboarding is the process of integrating and acculturating new employees into your organization and providing them with the tools, resources, and knowledge to become successful and productive.

Research clearly shows that effective onboarding improves performance, increases engagement, increases retention, and accelerates new employee time to productivity. Investing in effective onboarding helps new employees get up to speed quickly, equips them with the information they need to excel at their jobs, and creates a sense of commitment to the organization 

This guide provides a considerable amount of information for New Hires throughout the onboarding process and should be a continual resource as you assist them. While the majority of this content is designed for use by the New Hire, it will help you to provide the support that they need throughout their transition. While some of the activities described in the guide must be completed by a supervisor, you may engage other members of the office—such as a Sponsor—to play an active role in the process of assisting the New Hire.

In addition to the content presented here, HROM has also developed the Civilian Onboarding Requirements Processing System (CORPS) in order to help you in this work. CORPS is an interactive, Common Access Card (CAC) enabled resource that will allow you to track the progress of your new hires throughout their first year, stay on top of the actions you should be taking to help them, and assign sponsor and administrative roles to assist in the process as necessary.

Site Navigation: to explore each of the five Onboarding Phases, either click on the respective phase title listed below, or use the "Supervisors' Onboarding Guide" element (highlighed in red) from the menu to your right.

For the New Hire that is joining your staff, the onboarding process consists of five phases. It begins at the moment they have accepted the job offer and encompasses their entire first year of employment. The five phases vary in length but represent critical steps in the onboarding experience.  

The Five Phases

Phase 1: Before They Arrive
Before your New Hire begins their career as a Civilian Marine, you should be preparing the office for their arrival. This preparation should include both physical (office space, technology, etc) and procedural (work plans, training resources, etc) elements.

Phase 2: The First Day
When your New Hire arrives for their Entrance on Duty (EOD), your local HROM specialists will help them through the technical aspects of their arrival. After they have completed this initial in-processing, you should begin the process of introducing them to your office, the work that they will be doing, and the facilities in which they’ll be working.

Phase 3: The First Week
There will most likely be in-processing requirements that still need attention throughout the New Hire’s first week. In addition to these, you should ensure that they are completing mandatory training, learning about the requirements of their work, and interacting with both their new colleagues and leaders.

Phase 4: The First 90 Days
By this time, they should have full access to all their online accounts and will be able to manage personnel records and individual benefits programs.

Phase 5: The First Year
There are a variety of opportunities available to Civilian Marines. Along with the Civilian Marine community, your office should be committed to supporting New Hires in their personal and professional development during their first year and beyond.

The Civilian Onboarding Requirements Processing System (CORPS) is an automated online tasker that allows Supervisors to monitor the progress of New Hires throughout the onboarding process.


Using CORPS, Supervisors of New Hires can:

  • Create automated task lists for your organization to assist New Hires through the Onboarding process; it requires as few as three entries: Name, Entrance on Duty (EOD) date, and Organization
  • Create customizable checklists for each of the five phases of the onboarding process
  • Delegate assigned tasks to up to three individuals: the Supervisor, a Sponsor, and an Administrative Assistant
  • Quickly change task designations
  • Mark tasks "In Process" Or "Completed" to provide "at-a-glance" status reviews
  • Automatically notify assignees of upcoming tasks (under development)

 Want to experience the Civilian Onboarding Requirements Processing System (CORPS)?

Click on the "CORPS" button to your right to see the onboarding system (CAC and HQI account are required).   
Click on the "Download User's Guide" button to your right to view and/or print the CORPS User Guide.