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The Headquarters Marine Corps organization is divided into (from largest to smallest) Departments (Commands), Divisions, Branches, Sections, and Units.

Each organization is identified by a unique Organization Name and Organization Code (wherever possible, we will add the organization code in parentheses after the organization name).

Many organizations also have a nickname or acronym by which they are known. This can easily become confusing to an employee who is new to the Marine Corps. 

Click here for a printable copy of the Organizational Chart

To view the names and organization codes for each organization listed on the chart, mouse over the respective blue square.

To find more information for any organization listed below, click on the respective blue square.

HQMC Organization Chart

Counsel for the Commandant (CL) Chaplain of the Marine Corps Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Marine Corps Combat Development Command Marine Barracks Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) Office of the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps (ACMC) Expeditionary Energy Office (E2) Marine Corps Systems Command Marine Corps National Capital Region Command Safety Division Office of the Director, Marine Corps Staff Headquarters and Service Battalion North Special Projects Directorate Administration and Resource Management Division Manpower and Reserve Affairs Plans, Policies and Operations (PP&O) Aviation Installations and Logistics Combat Development and Integration Programs and Resources Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) Health Services Inspector General of the Marine Corps Intelligence Division Office of the Legislative Assistant to the Commandant Public Affairs Division Staff Judge Advocate to the Marine Corps

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